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Splendid BCAA (Green Apple)


Alpha Mortal BCAA supplement for Men & Women with Electrolytes | Intra Workout with 7g BCAAs in 2:1:1 ratio | Zero Carbs & Sugar | 3.5g Leucine | 2.5g L-Glutamine | 390gms | 30 servings | GREEN APPLE



Alpha Mortal’s Splendid BCAA Amino Acid Supplement, a powerhouse blend of essential amino acids, electrolytes, and performance-enhancing ingredients. Whether you’re an avid gym-goer, an athlete, or someone looking to support their active lifestyle, our BCAA supplement is your go to drink for better endurance, faster recovery, and enhanced hydration. The Ideal 2:1:1 BCAA Ratio: Our BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acid) supplement boasts the perfect 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. These essential amino acids are the building blocks of muscle protein and have been shown to offer a wide range of benefits for your fitness journey. 1. Leucine: Leucine stimulates muscle protein synthesis, helping you build and repair muscle tissue faster. It’s essential for muscle growth and recovery. 2. Isoleucine: This amino acid promotes energy production during exercise, reducing muscle fatigue, and improving endurance. It also aids in wound healing and tissue repair. 3. Valine: Valine supports muscle metabolism and tissue repair. It helps maintain a positive nitrogen balance in the body, which is crucial for muscle growth. Electrolytes for Energy and Hydration: Our BCAA supplement is not just about amino acids. We’ve included electrolytes to keep your body energized and hydrated during intense workouts. Electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium play a vital role in maintaining proper muscle function and fluid balance. They help prevent cramps, muscle fatigue, and dehydration, ensuring you can push through your workouts with ease. L-Glutamine: L-Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid that becomes crucial during intense physical activity and recovery. It supports a healthy immune system, supports in muscle repair, and reduces muscle soreness. By including L-Glutamine in our formula, we’re helping you recover faster and perform at your best, day after day.

  • 7g BCAA- Alpha Mortal’s Splendid bcaa supplement contains 7g BCAA in each serving with ideal 2:1:1 ideal Amino Acids ratio which prevents muscle breakdown
  • BCAA with Zero Sugar, Zero Carbs- Our BCAA contains zero sugar and zero carbs so that you can consume this intra workout drink without any second thoughts
  • Contains L-Glutamine for increased muscle recovery. Citrulline and DL-malate reduce muscle fatigue and improve performance
  • Eletrolyte Blend in the BCAA helps restore the electrolytes lost during workout due to sweating which keeps you energized throughout.
  • FSSAI CERTIFIED- Our pre-workout is FSSAI certified and compliant to ensure quality nutrition for your body
  • Flavor- The scrumptious flavor, blend of nutrients and taste of the alpha mortal pre-workout makes your muscles and taste buds happy with a single scoop
  • Country of origin- India

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21 reviews for Splendid BCAA (Green Apple)

  1. Deepti

    I have been using it for over 2 months. simply powerful

  2. Shivam

    great output

  3. Harsh

    Just wow

  4. Naman

    Cost effective

  5. Neha

    5 stars

  6. Sam

    Fabulous packaging

  7. Prachi

    Loved it

  8. Anuj

    Great pre-post workout

  9. Sameer

    Good taste

  10. Saira

    100% recommended to try

  11. Raman

    Must try if you are a gym goer

  12. Raghav

    Best BCAA i have come across

  13. Anish

    Maintains hydration throughout the workout

  14. Yadav

    Great product

  15. Vicky

    Amazing output