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Biotin Gold- 60 capsules


Alpha Mortal Biotin supplement for Hair Growth | With Biotin, Vitamin E, C, A & Zinc | Fights Brittle Nails, Nourished Scalp & Glowing Skin | Keratin & Bamboo extract for Dandruff | 60 capsules



Biotin supplement for Hair Growth- Our Biotin contains Vitamins B1-B6, A, C, E along with Zinc, Calcium and B12 to boost overall hair health

Better carb and fats utilization- The unique formulation of the product will help you to digest carbohydrates and fats better to boost metabolic rates

Keratin & Bamboo extract- The blend of Keratin and Bamboo extract helps fight hairfall and forms hair follices

Fights Dandruff and Nourishes Scalp- The Piperine fight the dandruff and makes your scalp nourished

Promotes Healthier Skin & Nails- Our Biotin capsules also help with nourishing the skin and fight brittle nails

FSSAI certified- Our biotin in FDA approved and GMP compliant


Discover Alpha Mortal’s Biotin Gold: Unlock Your Natural Beauty Potential

Are you ready to reveal your inner radiance and promote your overall well-being? Look no further than Alpha Mortal’s Biotin Gold, a powerful blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts meticulously crafted to nourish your body from the inside out.

Vitamins B1-B6 and Biotin (Vitamin B7): A Comprehensive Approach to Beauty and Health

Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7, is the star of the show in Alpha Mortal’s Biotin Gold. This essential vitamin is a game-changer for promoting healthy skin, hair, and nails. But we didn’t stop there; we’ve included a full spectrum of B vitamins (B1-B6) to support your overall health, metabolism, and energy levels.

Keratin for Hair, Skin, and Nails

You deserve to look and feel your best every day, and that starts with your hair, skin, and nails. Alpha Mortal’s Biotin Gold includes Keratin, a vital structural protein that’s a key component in these beauty essentials. Strengthen your locks, enhance your complexion, and boost your nail health with every serving.

Onion and Bamboo Extracts: Nature’s Secret for Beauty and Strength

Unlock the secrets of nature with the inclusion of onion and bamboo extracts. These natural wonders are known for their ability to promote hair growth, improve skin elasticity, and strengthen your nails. Alpha Mortal’s Biotin Gold harnesses the power of these plant-based extracts to help you achieve the vibrant, healthy look you desire.

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80 reviews for Biotin Gold- 60 capsules

  1. Ravindra N

    Alpha Mortal Biotin Gold, my daily essential

  2. Suhail Jha

    Has no side effects n helped in maintaining hair health

  3. Vedika Bala

    Positive results- hairfall has also stopped

  4. Rajan

    I was able to see new hair growth after 30 days of regular use

  5. Mahesh

    I have used this product for 2 months and I will say it’s giving excellent results

  6. Harsha Yadav

    I had to switch to something else because my usual was not in stock, experienced no extra hair fall with these capsules, so it’s doing the job, I will buy it again.

  7. Vidya Kini

    These capsules are really effective. I have been taking these for one month, and it has helped me with hair fall problems and also helped in faster nail growth as well.

  8. Srishti

    It really works…you can see results after 2-3 weeks only.

  9. Ruchi

    Liked this product as it has no side effects and they are giving keratin in biotin as add-on that is really good for hair.

  10. Nikita Das

    Solves the problem of hairfall very effectively. Results started to show up in about 30 days. I took two tablets a day. Go for it!

  11. Meghana

    The effects are really good. Being a regular gymgoer, I sweat, which results in hair fall. But this biotin has really helped me not only stop the hair fall but also promote hair growth!

  12. Deepika kc

    The results are very good and visible. Fully satisfied.

  13. Anuradha

    Recommend 100% to people suffering from hair problems, very good product.

  14. CK

    Superb product, great results within 2 weeks of use

  15. Babita